Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Picture a Day

So I made an agreement with a photography friend of mine that I would take a picture a day and write about it....
I am already a day behind, I have 2 photos to post today.
The first is Leigh practicing her flute at the dining room table yesterday.
She doesn't normally practice there but she was talking to me and working on a craft project at the table
So she stayed and got her flute and music out.

Flutist at work

Today I was upset with Leigh when I dropped her off at Eagleridge this morning.  Although I apologized to her and hugged her when I left her, I felt bad all day.  When I picked her up after band, we both were apologetic; it seems it was on her mind all day also.  
We then headed to the library.  We got books on the Titanic, Pirates and some travel books for a variety of east coast destinations.  Leigh has been reading an interesting series about a group of friends and was able to get the latest book from hold.  She returned to the library and read until 9:45 tonight..finished the book.

Late afternoon indulgence

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miked99 said...

That is sweet. I like that Leigh is such an avid reader. Picture a day sounds like creative fun.