Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Mother Road

This past weekend, Bryce had to speak at a conference in Flagstaff so we tagged along to enjoy the cooler weather and explore a bit.

Kids had never been to the Petrified Forest so we chose that as a daytrip on Saturday.
Got up early after arriving late due to a traffic snarl on the way up. 
The bonus of driving to The Petrified forest from Flag is that you can travel on Rt 66!


So many great stopping places!
We left really early and started out.
First stop was Winslow AZ....so that we could stand on a corner.

Sock hanging out
"....such a fine sight to see.."

That was a great photo op and included a gang of Harley riders to chat with also.

These guys were with us the whole day!

Winslow had some other interesting things to see also.
They had a 911 memorial that included debris from the Trade Centers, this lead to a great discussion on what had happened that day.


 And we sent some postcards also!

Holbrook, a bit east of Winslow is home to the Wigwam Motel which has an interesting history.  There were originally 7 of them in the country.  The family of the builder of this one still owns it and you can rent out a wigwam for the night.  They each feature a full bath with shower, cable TV heat and AC.  Two double beds are 58.00 a night!  We want to plan a night there sometime.
In 2002, it was added to the National Register of Historical Places.

There were old cars parked at every wigwam.
Rooms were cozy yet clean and comfortable

Office doesn't open till 4pm....just like the old days.

The great rock shop where the owner told us a little history of the town....

Billed as "the largest map of RT 66"

Holbrook Square Park, dinosaur was donated from a movie set.  Petrified wood is wild
We then stopped at several other Rt 66 ancient places; at one time booming places of business before the freeway was built.

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Karen said...

Those of us who drove thru Holbrook want to go back and stay at the WigWam. We should all go together!