Sunday, August 15, 2010

Can cross that off my bucket list....

A good friend of ours has been a balloon pilot for some time and has his own hot air balloon company.
Bryce went up about 15 years ago and today was the rest of our turns!

Shane: our EXCELLENT pilot!

Helping with the rising

Getting final instructions

Kids playing on the floor of the basket up in the air (Shane's son and ours)

Leigh enjoying the view

Good Morning East Valley!

A parachute the kids threw out, at one point we sank below it...

Landing on a vacant home the delight of the neighborhood.

First flight prayer and ceremony:


and if anyone wants to ever hire a balloon company for a flight, we HIGHLY recommend them!!

Aerogelic Ballooning


miked99 said...

That looks exhilarating! And spectacular!

Karen said...

Think it would be too much for Brennan to land at his bar mitzvah in a hot air balloon?

Tonya said...

How awesome, I've been wanting to do this with Matt. Not sure if Ryan is ready yet.

Josh Healy said...

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