Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer is flying by!

Well, it is HOT here! In the 100-110 range.
I suppose its always this hot but,
I tend to forget about it every year around January when its in the 70s..

We've done a lot already this summer.
Kicked it off with a little pool party for the kids' friends in our tribe:

Then went on an annual camping trip to Flagstaff,
enjoying some cooler weather; and drumming.

Some friends from Utah came down for that:

Spent time at the splash pad at the Zoo with Aly:

Celebrated Aspen's 15th Birthday!

Had a visit from Grandpa Scot

Went to the aquarium at Tempe Mills, Sealife

Then took off for an extended TX visit.
We went to Austin first, visited UT:

Then went to San Antonio for a weekend and saw the Alamo!

On the way home, we stopped and stayed at Balmorhea State Park:

Its about half way between Austin and Tempe.
It is a spring fed natural swimming pool where 1 million gallons of water flowing through
an hour. It was built by the CCC in the 30's. It is huge and the depth ranges from 3 to 25ft.

It has a constant year round temp of 72-73 degrees.
Leigh jumped off the high dive

I think we're gonna spend the rest of the summer in the pool. We're off to a pretty good start.

Come September, we're off again! Back to PA!

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