Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Counting Down...

We are great fans of 'counting down' On my IGoogle, I have several countdowns; trips; birthdays; visits, etc...
SO Advent is only another reason to do a countdown!

We had a few options this year.
A friend gave us a Playmobil Advent calender. It has a bunch of little tiny Playmobil figures and pieces.

Everyday you open a box and voila! One more piece of the scene is revealed and placed in its place..
Leigh folded up all of the boxes and put this one together herself.

We also are doing a Blessing Box this year. We were gonna do it last year and time got away so we started it early and were able to get it done in time to start the day after Thanksgiving.
The idea is that you red a card everyday about something you are blessed with that a lot of people are not and you make a little contribution depending on how. you are blessed.
For example:
Are you glad you have indoor plumbing? Give 5 cents for every roll
of TP in your house, counting all the stored away rolls.
In some countries of the world, most people cant read. Are you
thankful you can read? Put in a penny for every book in your home.
It also brings into play math and money skills.

Then we have a regular cardboard one that I got at Target on the after Christmas sale that Carson is doing for fun.

He even shared with Talia...

Oh yeah and chocolate one that is similar to the cardboard one....
Other friends are doing some really cool things too.

We were talking about maybe doing these type of countdowns for other occasions. We sometimes do like treasure hunts with clues.

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