Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Joshua Tree

Last week, we were having a new floor put in and needed to get the dogs out of the house.  So, the kids and I packed ourselves...and both dogs into the RV and headed NE.  We landed in Joshua Tree.  The national park and the quirky little town.

interesting sights to visit.

Eclectic ness abounded.

Joshua Tree National Park

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On the way to Joshua Tree, we stopped at a little place called Cabazon.  It was home to dinosaurs..(as much of this area in California is, strangely)  We were able to go into the huge brontosaurus and they had a gift shop devoted to dino-stuff.

These were the dinos that were in Peewee's Big Adventure so the legend goes...

When I put our rig in reverse, it looked like the dino was chasing us!
I'll post photos of the floors another time. 
They turned out amazing!!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

We've been busy! Drifting back into documenting our life

We have had many changes since I last blogged about 4 years ago.
We've moved back into the US, Southern California, and are adjusting (happily) to that.
We've had many travels and done many things. I will try to post about them all.

For now I think I'll settle down with some of my work buddies and catch a bit of the Superbowl between San Francisco and Kansas City.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday Party!!

 Luckily we live in a community that has a great park and pool combo.
Perfect for a birthday party.
Got a rental of tables, chairs, tent, and inflatable water slide.
Leigh invited her class from school and some neighbor kids.  
Most of her classmates were there and they all had a blast.

Gigantic pizzas completed the picture.

Kids spent a lot of time just running around the park waiting for the slide to inflate.

Pool of course provided the perfect distraction


Kids had a blast.


 Then cake/cookie time

 Our neighbor Roger, readying the pinata.

 Siblings after birthday girl
 Twelve year olds can power hit!
Picture perfect day!

Second Birthday in Mexico

Leigh's second birthday in Mexico was different in that she spent her whole birthday IN Mexico.
Say of her birthday, she had school (which was REALLY different from past birthdays.)
She picked out her pinata for her party

For her birthday dinner, she picked this little hamburguesa joint down the street in Rosarito Norte that serves the best combos for cheap. (El Carrito - The Cart)  Hamburguesa con queso y papas y soda por 70 pesos. And they have the freshest vegetable toppings.

Sunset at El Carrito
Wizard of Oz mural at El Carrito

glamour shot at dinner
After dinner, we came back to do the traditional birthday ring and presents.
Adjusting the numbers

Making a wish

Favorite gift...Ukulele!

She has been playing it ever since.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


For Halloween his year we went to a party with the kids homeschool group that they are still involved with.  Fun times and trick or treating.
Quite the spread!


Mama's costume...Can you tell what it is?

The pre-teens

Disco Deer

Most of the kids

 That night, Leigh had a friend come back home and attended a clinic the next morning in Tijuana with the rescue group she helps out with sometimes.
Of course she brought home a new foster that had been abandoned at the clinic.

Another Year

Birthday number 9!!
We celebrated in typical traditional fashion with dinner and birthday ring at home and then out with fiends the next day for a movie (Goosebumps) and dinner (Soup Plantation) and a stop at Gamestop.

 I'm Nine Today!!!

Hot Chocolate!

Mine craft-wear


Leftover cupcakes from school

"Graveyard" Cake

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

We had an excellent view of the lunar eclipse from our roof top deck!
It has been a little bit since then but the pictures were too excellent not to share.

The kids were not as excited as Bryce but they did bring blankets out of bed up to the roof and check it out...for a little bit anyway.